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Freezerverse is a NFT Polygon ecosystem of collections with friendly and fun characters that are taken out of the freezer multiverse. Each collection has its own utilities but they all share the main core ideas of sharing the earnings into the community wallet, the donations wallet and to add liquidity to our token ICE.


NFT Marketplace

Marketplace to buy and sell Polygon NFTs in $ICE or your custom token.

3D Paleto

Our first NFT Collection, 360 Popsicles frozen for all the moods and tastes, currently working on a smart contract bridge.

Behance thumbnail.png

3D Helado

Derivate Collection from 3D Paleto, Helado is a collection of 4444 Ice creams randomly generated with more than 200 traits 3D rendered.

Ranas Chidas

Collection of 1234 NFTs frogs hand drawn by my 11 years old niece.  Ranas chidas is inspired by variety and beauty of frogs, gradients bodies are the more poison ones. 

ranas chidas 1a1.png
banner pizza.png

Pizzas Buddies

Free mint generative collection of 2222 cool pizzas made with a variety of ingredients for all the tastes and with the best quality.

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