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3D Paleto is the first collection created by the freezerverse, as it was created in 2021 it had no smart contract, so we launching the new 3D Paleto mint with a brand new style and 440 NFT popsicles made for every flavor lover.

As we celebrating the two years of the first collection, we are hiding prizes in 360 of the Paleto sticks, that can be claimed in discord once the collection sold out. Prizes includes NFTs from other freezerverse collections, our token, MATIC.


2023 Q3
3D Paleto Launch
$HIELO token deploy
Prize distribution when sold out.

2023 Q4

Merch Store
Raffle store

Special edition

2024 Q1
Zombie Serum

2024 Q2
New HIELO marketplace

The Artists

paleto king new sd.png
Ivan Itsai
  • LinkedIn - círculo blanco
  • Instagram - Círculo Blanco

Industrial designer and 3D designer. Creator of Freezerverse.

  • Twitter - círculo blanco
  • Instagram - Círculo Blanco

2D artist.

  • What is an NFT?
    Non Fungible Token, it is basically an unique certificate of ownership traceable on the blockchain, when buying one you became the one and only owner of this.
  • Why Polygon?
    Well, I hate paying fees, so We only use Polygon network, which is a network with minimum gas fees, the best thing is that OpenSea pays for all Polygon fees.
  • How can i get a Paleto?
    You just need to have some MATIC on your Polygon wallet and then just mint it using Komet launchpad.
  • What benefits do I get buying a Paleto?
    You can start earning our token on discord, you get access to special holders channel and discord giveaways. You participate for winning more than 1000 MATIC in prizes hidden in the wooden sticks.
  • Donations?
    Yes, we are donating 10% of all the mint funds to a children hunger organization.
  • What can i do with my Paleto?
    You can do whatever you want as holders got full rights of the Paletos they own.

As seen on

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