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Why choosing Polygon for your NFT Collection.

My adventure on NFTs started on October 2021 when ETH gas fees were high, and this has been hard for new people entering the NFT world. It stopped me from minting my first NFT for a few weeks until i heard of Polygon.

Best thing was that it worked with all i had, I did not need to change from marketplace nor wallet provider, it was just a matter of adding the polygon network to metamask. So i minted my first NFT and put them on sale by just paying some pennies.

One of the things that helped me a lot were the collaborations:

There were a lot of NFT creators as me using Polygon for their collections and by working together it gave me a lot of exposure. Sales took long to start but once they started, Paleto Collection volume started increasing.

Once I've got some ETH in my wallet it allowed us to start with our monthly NFT raffle on discord and as we only buy from Polygon collections the gas fees from buying and transferring were minimal. And this work as well on our recently deployed airdrops contract which allow us gifting all of our Paleto holders free special edition NFTs.

We always believed that technology belong to the all the people, not just the ones with money, and Polygon does it amazing by letting the people buy and sell their NFTs without the need of spending a lot of ETH on gas fees and last but not less important, without polluting the environment, as it is going carbon-negative this year so, thats why we always choose Polygon to develop our NFT Collections.

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