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How to fund metamask with WETH using Polygon network

Hello friends, in this post we will learn how to fund your metamask wallet with MATIC and then convert it to WETH or wrapped ethereum.

The first thing you need to do is to check if your crypto exchange have matic and allows withdrawal in Polygon network, if not, you need to buy some LTC or XRP as they are the ones with less withdrawal fee to then send it to binance.

As we are using bitso to buy crypto with MXN, we are buying some LTC. So we go to Bitso Alpha and create a buying order for LTC.

When the order is executed, we then need to send the LTC to binance, as it accept MATIC withdrawals in Polygon network, so we first go to binance and look for deposit tab and then we search for LTC, remember the whole process can be done with XRP as well.

You need to select Litecoin as the network as well as you can deposit LTC in different networks. Then you copy the address and go back to bitso and select withdrawal of LTC again using the Litecoin network and just paste the binance address.

Then you will need to convert your LTC or XRP into MATIC, if its more than the minimum for the binance convert tab, then its a single step, if not, you will need to convert into a stable coin, in this tutorial we use RUB as it was a good option back then, but you can use USDT or BUSD and after that, then you buy MATIC with your stable coins.

The next step is to send your MATIC directly to your metamask wallet, you just need to have configured Polygon network on metamask, then on binance select MATIC withdrawal and use Polygon network, then paste your metamask wallet and click send, it will take some time, depending on the network traffic.

When your MATIC is already on your metamask, then you will only need to swap it for WETH, this can be done directly inside metamask, just click on swap, and select from MATIC to ETH, and it will automatically select the cheaper option, just continue the process and it may take a few minutes.

If the WETH does not show, its because you have not added the token into metamask, just click on import token and paste the WETH "Token Contract Address" that is: 0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619 the rest of the info will be auto completed. And that will be all, you are now ready to buy some Paletos from our Opensea page.

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